Peer group for
SaaS leaders
in the Twin Cities

The SaaS Meetup is an in-person event that brings together founders, C-level, and senior leaders of Software as a Service companies in and around the Twin Cities. The goal is to share best practices, problem/solutions, experience running and growing software companies. The group meets once per quarter in a place with food and drinks. Group members have access to a private Slack group for continued communication throughout the quarter.
This is an exclusive group. Members of The SaaS Meetup must apply and be accepted by the group. The group will accept/reject applicants on the following criteria:

The SaaS Meetup is for you if:

  • You run a Software as a Service business
  • The company is growing and does over $1m+ ARR
  • You are a founder, C-level exec, or senior leader
  • You are open to sharing how you run your business, including financials and nitty-gritty
  • You have little ego and your intent is to learn

The SaaS Meetup is NOT for you if:

  • You are a startup or small business < $1m ARR
  • If you are a VC or service provider to SaaS companies
  • You are not comfortable sharing your inside information
  • You want to show other people how smart you are
  • You want to complain about your shareholders/employees/vendors/the market

Our Next Event

Our next meeting will be on February 28th, 2023 at 3:30p held in a top-secret location only known to the group members.
Even if you can't make the next meeting, please fill out the form below to join the group.

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About the SaaS Meetup

The Saas Meetup was started by the leadership team at Carousel Digital Signage. The team recognized that there was a lot of resources in the Twin Cities for early stage companies to network and get peer support however; there was not the same resources for more mature SaaS companies. The SaaS meetup was born!

We hope you join to help grow all of our businesses! Got questions? Email us